IAIM Certified Infant Massage Training for educators, allied health, students & hospitals. 

By training with our highly respected organisation you will join a worldwide network of Certified Infant Massage Instructors which offer parent to learn a supportive environment to teach a life-long parenting skill. The training programme focuses on a good start in life for parents and babies from birth to one year old. 

Adaptations for babies with special needs, babies born prematurely and the growing child are also part of the curriculum.


​In order to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor you will have to fulfil the following:

  • Attend a 4-day training

  • Complete within 4 months following a theoretical and practical assignment

Once you have completed these requirements, you will be certified as an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Your certification will be recognised world-wide through the International Association of Infant Massage.


When trained by IAIM International you will become part of an international organisation of thousands of dedicated Infant Massage Instructors worldwide. Having completed all the above requirements and achieved the required standard you will:

  • Receive an international certificate as  Certified Infant Massage Instructor

  • Be qualified to teach parents individually or in group setting or in private or community-based groups.

  • Be able to facilitate a programme using respectful nurturing touch and communication to help support parents to have a deeper understanding of their baby’s emotional and physical needs.


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Phone: 0404 491 448

Gabby Jansen | IAIM Training Co-ordinator

Email: info@iaimaustralia.com

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