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Parent Infant Massage Classes

Infant massage classes are a fun way to learn how to soothe your baby, relieve tummy upsets, learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal language and much, much more.

Our classes are informal, relaxed, and small enough to ensure you are given the personal attention you need. Join the tens of thousands of parents and professionals worldwide who have trained with the International Association of Infant Massage and experience the joy and benefits that infant massage has to offer!

Classes offer a supportive group environment where parents can share experiences and learn from each other while having fun. A typical IAIM course consists of five sessions lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Each session is held at weekly intervals to allow you and your baby to absorb all the information and adapt to the feeling of massage. Group sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention.  The recommended age for group classes is from birth to one.

Many Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs) offer other services including the option for private classes for parents and babies with individual needs.


The Benefits of Baby Massage can include:

For your baby

  • Helping your baby to feel securely attached

  • Helping your baby to feel more loved, valued and respected

  • Reduced crying and emotional distress

  • Increased levels of relaxation and longer sleep

  • Development of body awareness and coordination

  • Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort


For you

  • Feeling closer to your baby

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour, crying and body language

  • Providing an enjoyable opportunity to spend one-to-one time with your baby

  • Feeling the relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage

  • Increased confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby

  • Learning a life-long parenting skill

Find an IAIM Certified Instructor

Adrienne Caldow

0409 129 913

Patyah VIC

Caroline Desborough

0419 859 465

Ceres VIC

Claudia Pérez Ruiz

0451 760 412

Gold Coast QLD

Denise Jackson

0415 498 077

Perth WA

Emma Weir

0466 840 564

Adelaide SA

Gillian Brown

0407 137 437

Bray Park QLD

Julie Davies

0417 625 945

Melbourne VIC

Katie Bowles​

0488 113 487

Yarrawonga NT

Libby Anderson

Maulana Kuala Belait

Megumi Shimaoka

0403 641 442

Melbourne VIC

Ali Rodwell

0409 521 592

Alfredton VIC

Catherine Dore

0427 621 953

Taringa QLD

Deb Pattrick

0447 447 818

Bateau Bay NSW

Denise Smith

0498 360 125

Port Macquarie NSW

Felicia De Palo

0423 399 592

Cockburn Central WA

Joanne Vine

0417 831 397

Tarpeena SA

Karen Sherlock

0408 407 929

Illawong NSW

Laura Robson

0492 902 435

Mountain Creek QLD

Lyndall Galbraith

0400 895 843

Bannockburn VIC

Michelle Maike

0439 732 104

Bundaberg QLD

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