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IAIM International Trainers are professional, experienced and knowledgeable.

IAIM International Trainers have completed the extensive requirements to achieve trainer status. They all follow the IAIM Core Curriculum which is based on experience and research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, infant and parent mental health, and sociology. The IAIM International Trainers, who will be teaching in Australia, are committed to bring back the IAIM Programme to the Australian community in order to share and spread the many benefits of this unique programme.

Margo Kilborn


Mother of three sons , grandmother to twelve grandchildren of which there are a set of triplets. Blessed with a rich family life this compassionate lady has spread her magic around the globe. A giant amongst peers, Margo takes the bond between parents and their infants to another level leaving her indelible mark on those that attend her presentations.

Nominated for South African of the year for her tireless work teaching incarcerated mothers in South African prisons, Margo commenced her journey with IAIM in 1999 where in no time she qualified as an IAIM Instructor and after years of dedication achieved the status of IAIM International Trainer in 2004.


Along the way Margo’s achievements were unrelenting, she qualified as a Doula, immersed herself into a deeper understanding of post natal depression. She worked with the creators of the Dunstan Baby Language concept and introduced that into International teaching programs. 


Margo’s involvement with IAIM earned her a position on the Board where she served in various capacities earning her the respect of Board members and colleagues around the world. 

In 2012 Margo was appointed International President, a position she has filled with distinction ever since. Margo’s many media engagements on TV, Radio and various publications platforms in the USA, Asia and Africa has played a major role in seeing IAIM flourish in over 70 countries around the world.


Gail Bovenizer


Gail has a passion for working with parents, babies and children starting her career 23 years ago when she studied to become a massage therapist. Since then Gail has trained in many different fields specialising in Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond and helped 1000’s of parents start their new journey into parenthood. 

As a mum of twin girls born at 27 weeks’ gestation, she knows the hardships of becoming a new parent and the emotional rollercoaster it can put you on. She feels more than ever in these busy times, new parents need to find their tribe to easy the process. 


To reach more parents and babies, she trained to become a trainer with the International Association of Infant Massage in 2010 and has trained 100’s of new instructors in Ireland and England with many different organisations reaching far and wide.

Gail has pioneered many of her services in Ireland, being one of the first to offer classes and services in the Dublin area, starting the Irish Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage, Baby Massage Ireland and the first to offer Placenta Encapsulation in Dublin as well as Baby and Toddler Yoga. 

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