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The IAIM Programme helps to promote the secure, loving environment that is essential for every baby’s healthy growth and development.

Empower parents and caregivers to promote family well-being through nurturing touch. Our globally recognised training program equips you with everything needed to begin this rewarding journey.


The 15-point core curriculum in Infant Massage, designed by Vimala McClure, author of "Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents," provides a comprehensive foundation for aspiring instructors. This curriculum equips you with the necessary knowledge, experience, and confidence to effectively fulfill your role. Through hands-on teaching in the three-session parent-baby class during the training and a practicum in your local agency or community afterward, you'll gain practical experience in guiding parents through the art of infant massage.

International Certification

Live online training

Start date

Monday August 5th 2024

Online by Zoom with our two international trainers, Margo and Gail.



Fees include enrolment, course materials, demonstration doll and marketing kit.​


3 weeks online by Zoom

3 x evenings per week from 6pm to 9pm (aest)

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings

Knowledge based: 

IAIM Instructor training’s 15-point core curriculum focuses on parent-baby class facilitation, adaptation to child development (birth to 1 year) to promote infant secure attachment experiences. Adaptations for babies with additional needs, babies born prematurely and the growing child are also part of the curriculum.


You will practice “live” with parents: teaching part of a class during your training under Trainer supervision.


Through a Certification process post-training, you will develop your 5-session infant massage classes with parents in your community or agency and complete an open-book exam to get qualified as Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI)* supported at all time by your trainer.

Marketing Kit: 

As part of your training, you will need to teach five families. The IAIM Marketing Instructor Kit allows you to provide the parents with educational materials for them to take home.

After training, what will you be able to do?

  • You will become an IAIM member to receive your chapter’s support.

  • As trained instructor (educator) you will work first at your certification.

  • You will be able to teach parents and families in private, group, hospital and agency settings with full IAIM recognition of your professionalism once certified.

  • In addition to teaching parents, you will be qualified to present information about infant massage in your community, conduct in-service programs, present at professional conferences and participate in research studies.

Our Trainers: 

Our Trainers have been Certified Infant Massage Instructors for many years and have undertaken an extensive
2-year training process and completed the requirements as established by the International IAIM Education Committee to become a fully qualified Trainer.
Click here for more information about our trainers.

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